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Originally Posted by David Hughes View Post
Exactly, and they don't have to be Nikons. I've had Minolta, Olympus and Pentax SLR's for a pound or two. There's also a lot of unappreciated lenses out there.

Going for the "pro" cameras is a little like overkill for most photographers who are (or should be) happy with 5 x 7 prints from a usable camera.

Regards, David
The Canon EOS300x is very nice (the last film camera introduced by Canon), and with the 40mm pancake it's tiny for a SLR.

There's two Minolta Dynax 5's sitting in my local charity shop which keep calling me, anyone had any experience with these ?

Edit - The A mount on the Minolta's is the same as the one used by Sony, right ? Does anyone use a Minolta AF film body and share lenses with something like a Sony A7 ?
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