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Kin Lau
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Originally Posted by Stephanie Brim
I use that for developing my film, but it won't quite work for actually printing photos. Can you imagine carrying an enlarger to the bathroom every time you wanted to print something?
I don't have to imagine it... that's exactly what I do. That's why I scan most of mine, building up a list of prints that I want to do later.

Oh yes, my enlarger is one of those Russian suitcase enlargers. Folds down into a small suitcase/attache case size. Qualities' just okay. I do have a 6x6 enlarger in the locker room also.

BTW, it's my wife and I, in an apartment slightly less than 650sqft, the enlarger sits on the toilet (seat down, lid up) and the trays are on the floor. I'll probably setup a foldable counter over the bathtub for the trays instead.
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