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Can you imagine carrying an enlarger to the bathroom every time you wanted to print something?

That how I did it. I built a wooden riser that would fit over the bathroom sink and that was a nice and sturdy place to put the enlarger and timer and other stuff.
When broken down all this would just take up a fraction of closet space. I kept a trash bag over the enlarger to keep the dust out when it was stored.
The enlarger I used was a small Bogen that could do 35mm or 6x6 film I put a nikkor 50mm F2.8 lens on it and aligned it. You can carry these with one hand. I then put the gralab timer on the toilet tank top and hung two small safelights in their. Bathroom fan was my ventilator. I printed at night and there were no windows in this bathroom. I also got some of the white wire rack shelving and made a piece big enough to cover the tub. Thats where my processing trays and washer stayed. Setup only took a few minutes and breaking it down took the same time. I would get everything organized before hand as to what negs to print and it would not take long to do my printing. I have a 2nd bathroom so it was no problem to leave it there if needed.
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