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Kin Lau's suggestion is the best one for you at this time.

Although I haven't printed for a few years, this was my set-up:

I set up my darkroom in my basement laundry/furnace room. It has a small basement window. Since I only print after dark, I 've never covered that window, and it has never given me any problems. If you are still concerned about light leak, you might be able to cover it without a lot of fuss. Although I have not tried this, but I think a hard foam board cut to the size of your window opening will do. If your window has an insect screen, the board can be cut to size and take the place of the insect screen. You might wish to tape a couple of tabs on the board with duck tape to help you retrieve the board if it ever got stuck.

When I lived an apartment, I had a system that was even simpler than Bob's. I just set a piece of plywood across 1/3 of the bath tub, and placed my enlarger on top. If you are cocenred that the plywood might slip, you can add a couple of wood strips underneath to serve as stoppers. I then placed all my trays on the bottom of the bath tub. That was the wet side of my darkroom. Thst way, all the essential facilities of the bathroom (toilet, sink, counter top) were not occupied by any of my stuff.
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