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Thanks Stephen, a great list for hard to find sources of information on these cameras.
- Nikkor S.C. f1.4 or f2 5cm Japan "Black Ring"(Leica)
- W-Nikkor-C f3.5 2.8cm (Leica)
- W-Nikkor-C f2.5 3.5cm (Leica)
- Nikkor P-C f2 8.5cm (Leica)

- Carl Zeiss Jena Biogon T f2.8 35mm (Contax RF)
- Carl Zeiss Tessar f3.5 50mm "Rigid" (Contax RF)
- Carl Zeiss Sonnar f2 85mm (Contax RF)

- Voigtlander SL 12mm or 15mm (Nikon F)
- Voigtlander F-C Adapter (Nikon -> Contax RF)
- Voigtlander F-L Adapter (Nikon -> Leica)
- Voigtlander SWC Low Angle Finder
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