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That's an excellent sample that you own. Were you able to remove the front panel? There's a trick to it, and it requires removing the leather covering from the front panel.

As much as I love Zeiss Ikon cameras, their TLRs never quite matched the Rolleiflex for ease of use. The Ikoflex Favorit is considered to be the top of the line, and it has many excellent features.

The viewing system is actually quite bright. As I recall, it's four or five pieces. The meter needle inside the viewfinder is handy, although you then have to take your eye away from the viewfinder to set the aperture and shutter speed.

And this Favorit can fall into the "camera as a weapon" category because of its weight and its sturdiness.

The Ikoflex line has the distinction of being one of the few cameras in which nearly every model looked radically different from the version that it replaced.

Another thing about the Ikoflex: The premium lens was always a Zeiss Tessar and never a Zeiss Planar, even when the Planar was available for the rival Rolleiflex. Not that the Tessar is a bad choice.
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