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Originally Posted by dcsang View Post
1.1.... 1.4... what's 300,000 pixels between friends ......
All sales reps I ever know are the same...they don't know much, don't do homework, but talk, talk, and talk some more.

There is a big difference between 480,000 pixels to 1.1 or 1.4 million. Personally, I don't care and ignore their talks anyway. I have seen what the Oly EVP can do and more than impressed. After all, whatever there is beyond human visual acuity does not matter...if there was a difference or not, you can't see it anyway.

[Think about it...if the O/EVF has a 0.5X magnification, then 12u EVF panel pixel size becomes 6u...; humans eyes is said to be able to resolve 1 arc-minute, or 330u at 1m [apparent focal distance], you or I could never see it.]

However, there are EXPERTS in these forums who insist EVF is no good...without ever understanding why or what. They don't understand and won't believe the biggest problems is unmatched refresh frequency to AC, easily seen in florescent lighting. You will never have EVF problems in daylight...another long discourse.

All that doesn't matter between friends...really.
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