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Originally Posted by Nokton48 View Post
Well I just picked up another Minolta SRT in the RFF classifieds (for $40!). It's the SRT-202, which was the last SRT, and had the most features of any SRT. Camera is in great condition, although I did re-do the foam seals, in the mirror return, and back door. Good as new, ready to use. It even came with an EPX625 battery in good shape

This got me thinking about how much I enjoy using my SRT's. Really great cameras, and not expensive, either. I started out using SRT's in the 70s for newspaper work, then moving to Canon F1s, Nikon F/F2s, Leica, etc. But I have returned to the SRT.
The Rokkor lenses also work just great on my two Nex3s.

On the left, is the SRT100 I bought new (at the local camera store) in 1973, now covered in Cameraleather Green Kangaroo. Attached is the 100mm f3.5 MC Rokkor. On the right is my new SRT202, with my 21mm F2.8 MC Rokkor.
Today I'm running some Efke 25 through the bodies, to shake 'em out.

What's not to like? Any other Minolta SRT users out there?
I loved the SRT's, I went with them in a shupyard and in a trawler

Concerning the foam, the mirror foam are useless if yu don't care about the noise and the back doors are light sealed even without foam, I never had problem with that

I loved the SRT's but since I have it's father, the SR7, well I prefer the SR7
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