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I have the earlier MC version of the 35mm F1.8 Rokkor. Another great SRT vintage lens.

My short term goal is to get these bodies and lenses up and dusted off/running, and start burning film with them again. Each body gets a CRIS battery adapter, SRT Eyecup (the real Minolta one) a TomA Softie (black or chrome), and a Domke Gripper strap, so they all nicely match each other. Oh, and a black nylon hairtie. I hate taking photos of the inside of my scruffy F2 Domke bag!

I also calibrated the individual camera meters, against my Minolta Incident Autometer II, on a key (cloudless) day in direct sunlight, so I was absolutely sure of the actual exposure. A piece of masking tape on the back of each body shows the adjustment factor in EV's. Now I know for sure that all my bodies read real close, except for my SRT100, which was an extra 1/3 stop hot. Now, I know exactly where I am. Interestingly, my motorized SRM does not have an in-camera meter.
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