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Originally Posted by Nokton48 View Post
Made some good progress today. My CRIS adapters (3 of them) arrived, as well as the Domke Gripper strap I needed to finish my new SRT202. Tested my 200mm F4.5 MC Rokkor against my 200mm F3.5 MC Rokkor (which I know has had optical problems). Although I was able to tighten up the looseness in the front of the F3.5, the severe chromatic abberations have not gone away. So that lens is also being tossed into the parts box.

Called KEH today and placed another order. A nice 200mm F3.5 MC Rokkor for $30, and while I was at it, I grabbed a 30cm F4.5 MC Rokkor (to replace the one I sold off a few years ago). This is a great lens, very sharp in the center, but a -bit- soft in the corners. But, sharper than the 300mm F5.6 MD Rokkor in the center, and it has a tripod socket (a necessity for me). KEH has a return priviledge, so I will be fine with these lenses.

In case you are wondering why I have so many camera bodies, the goal is to have two cameras always loaded with high-speed/Delta 3200, Neopan 1600, two loaded with medium-speed/Eastman XX, Tri-X, and two loaded with slow-speed B&W film/Ilford Pan F, Efke 25, Panatomic-X. That way, I am ready for any type of photographic situation, all the time. About as good as it gets.
Thanks for your information, too.
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