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I took inventory this morning. I have a beat up 50/1.7 and I even found a nice 58/1.4. I didn't think I had one of those. The chrome 101 and 201 are the cameras my father bought in the late 70s which I learned photography on. I had both serviced a few years back and they are fully operational. I picked up the 102 fully serviced, and the black 101, probably can use a tune up and meter adjustment, but it operating well as is. I have trimmed back my lens kit, keeping the W Rokkor MD 35/1.8 and 24/2.8, as well as my soup cans, MC 58/1.2 and 85/1.7. I also have a Tele Rokkor MC 100 and 135. Sold my longer lenses. Then there are a bunch of other stragglers, MC 28/3.5, a beat up 55/1.7 and 45/2. It is a great line of cameras to collect and use. Great stuff.
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