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Originally Posted by wes loder View Post
I note that I never had a chance to follow up on the issue of the when the first 35mm f3.5 W-Nikkors for the Nikon Rf cameras became available.
For all of you who have read my book, you will know that the SCAP records indicate the 35mm, f3.5 as a "New product" in April 1950 with a production of 77 for that month. It is possible that NK had manufactured as many as 125 in the 1940s, but had not yet put them into mounts, getting around to that only in 1950 when they had both the market and funds to do that. While these first 35s are cruder than the production runs that follow, they do share a common feature with all the other Nikkors from early 1950: The MIOJ mark is on the rear of the rangefinder cam. Prior to 1950, the other accessory lenses such as the 135 f4 and the 85 f2 had the MIOJ mark on the outside barrel. For those two reasons, I stick my position that the 35mm f3.5 was not available for purchase prior to April 1950.
I disagree and believe the 35/3.5 was available pretty much from the git go with the Nikon One. I discussed this with Bob Rotoloni, who concurs.

Your theory seems to be based upon only one source, the "new product" reference in SCAP. All it would take for an error in that source is a bad translation from Japanese to English, or someone new on their job who was not familiar with prior lens production. Likewise does "new production" indicate a new focal length in the lens lineup, or a new version of 35mm lens?

Additionally there is no question the 35-135 Version 1 finder was introduced pretty much with the Nikon One. It would make little sense for such a finder if Nikon did not have a 35mm lens to go along with the finder.

Lastly, for decades after the Nikon One launch, most of the people who worked on the original Nikon camera and lenses were available to give interviews. Its inconceivable that they would have allowed the widely held belief that 35mm lenses were available and concurrent with the Nikon One to be circulated as fact, if that was in fact not the case.

When looking at the overall picture, not just an obscure single reference, it just makes no sense that Nikon's original 35/3.5 was not introduced until 1950.

Stephen Gandy
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