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Thoughts on 35 and other rare lens
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Thoughts on 35 and other rare lens

I believe this discussion of the earliest 35mm f3.5 W-Nikkor for the RF Nikons is not getting anywhere at this point and is certainly off topic for this thread. I would be happy to discuss this personally further via e-mail <[email protected]>. Let me know.

But to return to the thread, how about a "production" lens of which there may exist only one, or maybe two or three?
The 1956 "R-Nikkor."
NK designed the first Micro-Nikkor as a lens for 35mm reproduction work, similar to that of an APO-Nikkor. Indeed, the first statements claimed that the lens was an apochromat. The first pictures (such as the one that Wolbarst wrote up for Modern Photography) show the beauty ring with a label of "R-Nikkor" and a serial number of 523001—the first in the regular production series for the Micro-Nikkor. Was this a once-off? Actually a prototype? or did NK change its mind almost immediately and go with "Micro-Nikkor" to better define the lens' use in microfilming? Anyone ever find another lens with the "R-Nikkor?" label? Where is that lens now? Now that would be a find. Cheers, WES
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