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Chrome Shooters - Is it getting better?
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Chrome Shooters - Is it getting better?


I know that most here prefer B&W and that even amongst the color (colour) shooters - most of that minority seems to prefer prints.

But for years I've almost always shot slides for color.

I continue to do so and continue to use "mailers" both Kodak and Fuji.

Lately, I've noticed two things:

1) Kodak is now "plastic coating" the edges of its cardboard slide holders - I presume this is so that they remain rigid in scanners such as my Nikon 5000D?

2) Fuji is now shipping its slides (still all cardboard) in plastic trays rather than cardboard ones. Definitely means lessened possibility of damage in shipment!

So I think this is pretty good evidence that K and F still care about 'crhome users.
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