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back to basics
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Nothing compares to slides. Especially since the invention of Scala also for BW. The whole experience of watching big pictures is something special. Yes, it is a hassle, but a very nice hassle.
I started with SLR in the early 80's with slides because it was the cheapest then. Very quickly I found the extra effect of light falling through instead of falling on a subject.
Just like stained-glass windows.

Now I am slowly starting to get grips on BW negative developing, to me a new field.

But slides came first!

I never have them mounted, rather not even cut. Problem is that if I order them rolled, they manage to get the film scratched; if I order them cut they cut in the wrong place.
This is a persisting problem to me.
Recently I started mounting in glass frames. Not convenient for scanning, the glass has to come off. But better for projecting.

cheers, Rob.
groeten, Rob.

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