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I think it is getting better. I shoot mostly slides and black and white negative film. Slides are indeed something special. I have a local lab that will process them and sleeve them (uncut) for me in about 2 hours. There is a great variety of films, from super saturated to natural to tungsten, infrared, even black and white with Scala or dr5. Chromes are easier to scan than negative film, particularly because you have a reference image directly in front of you. One of the best things about them (beyond projection, which is a revelation when done correctly) is printing. I have set up a color managed workflow, and I can now scan my slide at maximum resolution on my scanner, get the color absolutely perfect, save it to a CD and get an amazing 11x16.5 printed on a Chromira print on Fuji Crystal Archive from my local lab. Since I do all the prep work, it only costs 15 dollars for an exhibition quality 11x16.5. This is more reliable, consistent and cheaper than a Cibachrome, and it has the same brilliance. Things are getting better for me because printing color used to be a crapshoot, but now by using a hybrid film/digital workflow I get the best of both worlds.
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