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Originally Posted by Tin View Post
I have been thinking about this question for a number of years. What I thought was that if a manufacturer could make a small projection system that has a camera mount such that it can be attached to a film SLR camera just like a lens, then digital images can be projected onto film just like taking an analog photo. Of course, the shutter of the camera would have to be set to "B" or "T", and all exposure controls would be done on the computer that this little projector attaches to via a cable with an USB terminal.

Regardless of the economics of it, would this work technically?


I have some large prints made by Digital Silver Imaging using my MM9 for image capture. I send them my digital file that I post processed. ( I also have a special arrangement with them because I also send them one of my Piezography prints for them as a reference.) Basically they have a machine that projects to make a conventional fiber silver wet print.

Some of my MM9 prints are 24x36 (image size) printed on 30x40 (for borders).

I'm shortly going to send a MM9 file to be printed 36x54 (image size) on 40x60.

Not inexpensive...

BTW they can print up to 12 foot long on silver fiber. RC papers are available at a lower cost.

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