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Rolleiflex can bend reality
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Rolleiflex can bend reality

So yesterday my daughter and I went to a Volkswagen car show, where about 500 Beetles, Bus, Ghias, Things, as well as Jettas, Passat, v.2 Bugs, etc. gather under the blazing Texas Summer sun. Important to note that not all of these people are from Texas, from talking to them, they came from New Mexico, Arizona, and some authentic "hippies" from California who share the love for the Peace sign and Tie-dyed shirts with my daughter.

Again I brought the 2.8D Rollei fed with Ilford Pan-F.

When faced with an impossible angle, I had no choice but to use the rarely known Rollei "magic" feature that bends the reality around the subject, so I can shoot it unobstructed.

Juvenile ... I know, but I can't resist
Have a good light,

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