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Originally Posted by Zathros View Post

I like the way yer Rollei converted that bug into a truck!
That truck is one of the more interesting ones. When it came to the show, it sputtered and died in the middle of the path, so the owner asked for help to give it a shove while he engages the clutch to get the engine going. So myself and 2 other guys start pushing. That car is not heavy at all.

Originally Posted by Rob-F View Post
Yes, and I like the way the Rollei can make a tree grow out of a VW. BTW, what can it do for the price of film?
Not only that! It can also give you any color images as long as it's black and white.

Originally Posted by Dan Daniel View Post
Can't fool me. These were taken with an old focal plane shutter Hasselbald and you jiggled the camera in a perfect arc in the middle of the slit's travel. All you need to do is look at how distorted the front of those cars are- no one in their right mind ever made cars with such bulbous noses.
I really like the way you think.

Originally Posted by Aristophanes View Post
That's not the Rollei.

That is the Volkswagen reality distortion field.

Land Rover people have the same affliction, except they can't do anything about that spare tire right where the driver needs to see the road.

Hmmm... I wonder if there's a Land-Rover car show around here.

Originally Posted by Greyscale View Post
Too bad the driver of this bug forgot to engage the distortion field.

034_9 by Mike Novak, on Flickr
It's not shot with a Rollefilex, what can I say?
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