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Originally Posted by Goody View Post
Thanks for the quick responses. Glad it not just me. I figured it was because it was a cheaper adapter -- I couldn't find anyone who had the Novoflex LTM to NEX adapter in stock. Seems like a few layers of tape or maybe some shim stock might do it. Or a plastic or brass giant washer.. or cut up the plastic top of a can of coffee...Strange that they could make the bayonet fit perfectly and yet the thickness of the adapter is off by a lot. BTW Larry - What is mylar low-tack "slide binding" tape? And Newst --Which adapter had the adjustment -- was it the Kipon or the other one?
It is the 'other one'. The aluminum ring in the center is held in place with screws. You loosen them, adjust to infinity and tighten them back down.
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