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Sigma DP2s - Request
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Sigma DP2s - Request

Hi guys,

I'm considering a pre-Merrill DP2 for some travel photography. The focusing dial is particularly attractive, as it may allow for easy zone focusing.

I know the files it produces have a look their own, separate the Merrills and Quattros. Gary, I know you like this camera. Anyone else have any thoughts on the output in the modern era? How it performs, how long batteries last, how pocketable and easy to use it is. Etc.

Again, I'm looking at this as a light travel camera that has a specific look, maybe less harsh than the Merrills, still filmic, but a little more warm or soft (not so bitingly harsh).

It's also my understanding that the "X" model had more banding and noise than the regular or "S" model. The AFE is what causes this, though it helped with splotchiness at higher ISO's. Anyone know anything about this?

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