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that's really great feedback. i'm a merrill user who's always been curious about the previous series. i'll have to try the fill light suggestions.

Originally Posted by dirojas View Post with more time a couple of remarks:

- I used the camera with a cheap petri optical viewfinder that was very helpful, the screen is not very compatible with daylight...

- I used one of the back buttons to lock focus. Autofocus speed was fine to me, but I did not track anything. When there is a lot of movement zone focus with the thumb wheel was very useful.

- I found out the camera tolerates overexposure very well. In bright sunlight my exposures were 1/250 f8.0 iso 100. Later in SPP you can reduce the exposure in SPP to your taste completely recovering the highlights. On the other hand, underexposure kills the files completely, but you can hand hold the camera at 1/15, specially if you use the continuous shutter.

- While SPP is a hassle (I used a DP2 Merrill as well), the fill light option is very nice. Positive fill light reduces the overall contrast and if used excessively get you a HDR look. Negative fill light combined with reduced exposure in SPP gives you half of the histogram with an amazing range of tones in your highlights, compressing the shadows in the process. I really like this look, and to me its hard to achieve with lightroom in the DP2 files.

I loved the files this camera produce, the only thing you have to remember is IT NEEDS LIGHT!! Lots of it. As general camera the DP2 sucks, battery life is poor, autofocus is not fast, the lens takes a while to get in position and medium to high iso is not good. But in daylight the files are amazing, and the lens is world class.

I went to Cuba with it as well, here is a link if you want to have a look:
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