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Originally Posted by williaty View Post
I'm considering backing the Loupedeck and bought a Behringer X-Touch Mini today to use with MIDI2LR to see if I like the method of working. The advantage I see to the Loupedeck is that there's a control for basically everything I use in a typical session while the X-Touch Mini doesn't have quite enough controls on it to get the whole circus taken care of. There's going to be a few monkeys running loose. If there were a X-Touch Midi (as in Medium, not MIDI), I'd be all over it. Then again, it'd probably cost what the Loupedeck does.

With the ever-growing arthritis in my hands, I'm pretty much going to have to find an option other than a trackpad and mouse for pushing little sliders around so I'm giving this a serious whirl.
Can't vouch for it, but this Akai has 24 knobs and 8 faders on a 10x8 footprint at $100 (with Prime shipping). Should be plenty of controls.

For those just beginning and wanting to try it out the $40 Samson might be a good place to start.

Anyone knows if two controllers can be used simultaneously? I.e. get one Xtouch Mini and then add a second if more controls are needed?

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