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Originally Posted by froyd View Post
Can't vouch for it, but this Akai has 24 knobs and 8 faders on a 10x8 footprint at $100 (with Prime shipping). Should be plenty of controls.

For those just beginning and wanting to try it out the $40 Samson might be a good place to start.
To work as well as possible, the knobs need to be digital encoders (not pots) and the faders need to be motorized. Both of your suggestions don't meet either of those guidelines.

Older tech with pots and non-motorized faders can be used but there's some weird behavior when you switch images. As an example, if you adjust your Exposure knob/fader to +1.25 to correct Image A and then move to Image B who's Exposure value is already at -0.50, moving the knob/fader won't do anything until you move it past -0.50 and it "picks up" the LR control. This seems really clunky and obnoxious as it would make it frustratingly difficult to move through a set of images and just slightly tweak their settings.

With encoder knobs, the value just magically resets to the current value as you move to a new image. Similarly, motorized faders will move themselves to the value of the current image as you move between images. Either way allows you to just barely move the control to create a slight tweak of the existing value.

Anyone knows if two controllers can be used simultaneously? I.e. get one Xtouch Mini and then add a second if more controls are needed?
I saw that MIDI2LR allows multiple controllers. I can't find out if it can handle multiple identical controllers without getting weird about where your settings land. If you have X-Touch 1 configured to do a bunch of stuff and X-Touch 2 configured to do a bunch of other stuff and unplug them, reboot the computer, and plug them back in, I'm not sure if MIDI2LR actually keeps them straight or if there's a risk that each time you plug them in your labels (or positioning on the desk) will randomly be software-connected to the wrong functions. I'm curious about running the X-Touch Mini with a MIDI Fighter Twister (who comes up with these stupid names?), though the latter is quite a bit more money.
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