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"nice to see someone actually owning and using these new Sigma's. any more info for us RFFers to read?'

One of the big plusses for me is the EVF. I didn't enjoy using the poor quality screen on the back of the DP2M.

I note that a number of reviewers have complained about the placement of the finder in the middle of the camera. However, as someone who uses his left eye, it's no worse than many other cameras on the market.

My main use of this camera will be for portraits. This means that the slow AF isn't the deal breaker it would be for others. In my limited use so far of the camera the focus is just about fast enough. Truthfully, it's snail-like but I can live with it.

In the next week or so, I've got a portrait shoot coming up that I'm really excited about. I'm keen to see to how the SDQ fares in a real-world scenario. I want to use the Sigma for this shoot purely for the look of the image I can think I can get with it.

I can't say a lot more really. I'm treating the SDQ as though it were a Rollei TLR loaded with 100 ISO slide film. I wouldn't try and shoot say sports or a fashion show with a Rollei and I won't use the Sigma like that either. The SDQ has a very limited range but within that it's capable of extremely pleasing results.
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