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Originally Posted by Roger Hicks View Post
Indeed, in rather less: the last 30-40 years, I'd say. But it was still patchy for a very long time. Is it still? I've not been there in 20 years or more.


I live very close by. It hasn't entirely 'gentrified' but the white working class and ethnic minority immigrant communities are pretty much squeezed into the local social housing projects these days. It's still quite a 'buzzy' area but a very different vibe to when I was a kid 40 years ago.

Southam Street itself was flattened in the 1960s and the Erno Goldfinger designed Trellick Tower was built in its place. The Trellick Tower originally had quite a grim reputation as a piece of failed social engineering but much, if not all, of it has been sold off to private buyers and it's now a rather grand and chi-chi address.
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