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New M9 User: Inevitable RF Focus Questions
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New M9 User: Inevitable RF Focus Questions

I suspect the title says it all really!

Now I'm quietly confident that the overwhelming response here will be "send it in to Leica"

and OK fair enough


I'm curious about something.... Rather than I think there's a problem

Short version:

Are Leica lenses (SPECIFICALLY the 35mm F2.4 Summarit) able to focus past infinity?

Longer version:

I own 3 lenses

35 2.4 'rit
50 'cron
90 2.5 'rit


Min focus / infinity focus

If the RF patch is aligned, the image comes out in focus, and I mean even at a pixel peeping view!

The weird thing (or maybe not hence the question) is that the 35 focuses past infinity both on the RF patch and the resultant file

So in usage - no drama, turn the focus until the images align in the VF and get an in focus picture

It's just weird that the hard stop is past infinity

This might all be in my head... 35mm F2.4 and things that are at infinity don't exactly make superb test candidates... of course stopping down negates everything (and I wouldn't typically shoot infinity wide open anyway)

I've tested min focus with a ruler and tripod and that's spot on

Not being rude about the 35 2.4... but it does feel erm let's say cheaper than my cron (no surprise) and cheaper than my (older 2.5) 90 rit, is this just what's to be expected when one should've saved a few more pennies and got a 35 'cron

Let me just reiterate:

When the RF patch says it's in focus it's in focus, (at any distance) it's just that it seems it's possible to focus past infinity, this is NOT a case of my RF patch says it's in focus, but really it's not
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