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Originally Posted by rfaspen View Post
First, you do need to focus on something quite far away to qualify as "infinity".

Second. When you get good focus at infinity, what does the distance scale on the lens say? Is it at the infinity mark?

If the hard stop of the lens is at some point beyond the infinity mark and your focus at infinity (RF images coincide) shows the lens at the infinity mark, then I'd say its absolutely no big deal and your particular lens is able to rotate a bit further than we expect. Not sure why....lower tolerances in the factory? Maybe, but who knows...
Well the infinity mark is quite large, it’s not like aligning a line to a dot

It PERHAPS sits slightly to the far side of the middle of the ∞ symbol but if so very, very fractionately

You raise a good point about infinity, and my first thoughts were that all the things I was thinking were at infinity weren’t

But the 50 and 90 pointed at the same things say they’re in focus at infinity, so I wondered if infinity was the same with all the lenses but then I thought that sounded daft...
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