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Sigma 17-70mm C on SD Quattro H
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Sigma 17-70mm C on SD Quattro H

I just received a Sigma 17-70mm DC "Contemporary" Macro lens to use on my SD Quattro H body. I had read online comments saying this lens wouldn't be great on the H body due to massive vignetting at all focal lengths. But when I looked at images on Flickr, there didn't seem to be a problem.

I ordered the lens knowing I could return it if there were problems. Today I made some test images and I can say that there are ZERO problems using this lens on the H body! :-) No vignetting at all as far as I can tell looking at just the few images I made today. I think the online comments might be referring to an earlier model of this lens.

I was getting a bit desperate looking for wide angle lenses for the SDQH. The full-frame "ART" lenses are HUGE, heavy, and expensive. And even the 18-35mm ART lens made for the cropped sensor body was just too big and heavy. But it looks like the compact, light-weight 17-70 "C" lens is going to work out just fine!! :-)

When I get out into the city/landscape this week, I'll make a few images to post here.
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