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Originally Posted by romeld View Post
Hey guys,

I received my order for my home developing kit and I decided to use a powder developer and fixer.

The problem is after reading the label in the back, my wife does not want me to make this stuff at home. I have a balcony I can mix it in and my tap goes up to 130F so I don't think I would really need to boil the water and make it in the kitchen.

She would prefer it if I drive to my parents place and make it there and then come back -.-

We also have a newborn which is probably why she doesn't want me touching this stuff at home.

Are her worries sound or should I be fine?

I find the warnings on those things to be exaggerated a lot.
The only time I've actually used (the oven) fan, was when I mixed a batch of ammonia based monobath.
I generally have a stock of measuring-cups and utensils for mixing chemicals, so I don't use kitchen stuff, but I have been know to use regular kitchen-ware for caffenol for example.

I often mix stuff up in the bathroom, where I develop my films.

As long as you clean up any mess, and store the chemicals far up and out of reach of nosy children so the child will not ingest anything, you will be perfectly fine.

I think you need to work many hours, daily, with regular BW developers to need any form of actual protection.

The highest risk is staining if you spill something.
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