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Originally Posted by Bob Michaels View Post
Difference between manufacturer computed or stated resolution and actual real world resolution. I suspect your Imacon may come close to it's manufacturer stated resolution. My experience, although long ago, was that the actual resolution of the Noritsu was not even in the same ballpark as it's spec.

It is like Epson saying the V600 scanner has a max resolution of 12,800 dpi but the optical resolution is only 9,600. Both numbers are totally bogus in the real world, I would speculate by somewhere around a factor of 8 from experience.
Well, I would have to say your Noritsu was misfocused or otherwise out of alignment because mine delivers spectacular results that are very close to my Imacon. I have to say that mine was focused and aligned by an expert before he sold it to me and I do have the hard to find focusing tools to keep it in perfect order. I suspect some of these machines have not been so well attended to.

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