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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
If you are looking at m43/aps-c, yes.
Why would you assume a 'full frame' sensor would make for a smaller body? You still need the same sized AF lenses to cover that sensor. Advantages are the removal of the mirror, focusing directly off the sensor, etc etc.

Check the monstrous size of the Leica SL with 50 1.4 lens.
Akshully my Sigma Art 50 is huge too, and the Zeiss Otus!! Wow! Now I've forgotten what my point was...

(want small - either m43/aps-c or Leica M)
"Advantages are the removal of the mirror" --- well, that 27.5 mm (edit: or even 30.5 mm?) piece that the camera body is now thinner than an SLR of the same make, is now -- necessarily -- added on all but very few lenses.

So it's a not so small weight addition on each lens -- still an advantage?

(Erm, IMHO, the true RF concept is still superior, heck, even a humble Leicaflex is still superior )
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