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Originally Posted by ColSebastianMoran View Post
... as long as you have a way to find the "keepers" out of the burst.

I shoot bursts and brackets regularly, and with new camera tech (e.g. 30fps, you pick the keeper) it will become even more effective as a photo technique.

The "4K" button on my latest Point 'n Shoot forces me to pick. iPhone encourages, but will happily keep the whole burst.
I do, and that to me is the point. I realize that it is a point of religiosity that one must be a qualified photographer to the extent that one can select the decisive moment and take that one momentously important photograph each and every time the opportunity presents itself, or scourge oneself for one's shortcomings by missing the shot entirely (yes, I've been told this, although not in such flowery language). I'm not that good and I'm not into testing my purity even if I thought I was. My DSLR lets me hammer away at things like parades and events where so much is happening so quickly, and sometimes the shot I thought I wanted has someone picking their nose prominently inside the frame. The next shot in my machine-gun series, they are not. So I am grateful and fully intend to keep machine-gunning away, despite being told I'm not a 'real photographer' because of it.
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