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Good article. Great philosophical points and questions in this discussion. I'm going to shift to practical.

Two key questions to me:
- How will I (or successors) find the good/important photos?
- How to avoid losing photos?

The key to me is never depend on any firm, service, media type, or specific software package. All these will go away at some point.

My approach:
- Move all images into folders by date on a big external drive. Drives are still getting big enough fast enough so that one drive holds everything.
- Manage all photos in Lightroom. Keyword the images vigorously, including a keyword identifying the folder where the original file (usually RAW) can be found. Apply star-ratings to identify good images. Export full-res jpgs for edited images, put these alongside the RAWs.
- Use the Lightroom option: Save metadata to XMP, so I'll have my images, edits, and metadata when Lightroom goes away.
- Delete ruthlessly. The more images you keep, the harder it will be to find the good ones.
- I'll export screen-res jpegs for posting on social media or RFF. I'll post an album from time to time; Lightroom keywords identify which images went into the album. I treat anything on-line as ephemeral.
- Backup that big ext drive monthly. Cycle backups, one in file cabinet, one in safe deposit box. Replace drive and all backups every three years with then-current technology.

My aim: that my grandkids can enjoy my photos after I'm gone. Even when Adobe, Lightroom, Flickr, et al are gone.

Unresolved or incomplete:
- Digitizing all the negatives from many years of film photography
- The mass of images on my iPhone
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