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My mom, bless her soul, has boxes and boxes of kodachrome slides that were taken throughout her life.

After a recent health problem where she had to move into a nursing facility, my younger brother and I were sorting through those slides.

A few were landscapes and other pictures of flowers and birds. Kodachrome was a gorgeous film so most of these are still as brilliantly beautiful and colorful as they were the day they were developed. My brother has those for the moment as we haven't decided what to do with them yet.

A few more were interesting photos of family members from past years. We had great fun laughing at some of those slides, some of which we recalled ourselves. Those are being scanned and then we will have photo books made so that the scans and books can be sent out to family members who want them.

But there are literally hundreds of slides with adults and children posing for photographs. They were important to Mom or Dad at one point in time as Dad was a pastor in various churches across the country. But neither my brother nor I have any idea who they are. It might have helped a little if Mom had jotted down who the people were along with where and when they were photographed. We haven't really decided what to do with these yet. My brother is going to see if Mom wants to sort through them and decide which should be kept. I suspect that most will end up in a landfill somewhere.

A few years down the road my own kids will be re-enacting that same scene with my own collection of photos. I am afraid they will have much the same results since I have not done a very good job of documenting my photos either.

After all, I am my Mother's son.
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