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Clearly, it's an illusion that images and other data stored online are in a secure and private place. I've retained my film habit of taking relatively few photos, so I've been able to get by so far with DVDs, flash drives and a terabyte HD. Although I assume that pictures I've emailed to friends and family are out there somewhere on Apple, Facebook, Google and email servers, I don't personally store or post any pictures on the web.

A few days ago, I was amazed when a co-worker complained that his Android phone automatically uploads all his photos to the cloud and then Google often tries to sell his own photos right back to him as "enhanced prints" with jacked-up color saturation and special effects. It appears that this speculative photo-editing 'service' is only activated for scenic pictures of sunsets and the like, but it seems to be a very intrusive and a constant reminder that smartphone photographers really have very limited control and ownership of their own images. I'm sure that all the privacy protection legal language and opt-out provisions are right there in the terms of service...somewhere.
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