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ike many things, people do not understand the machines they use. They do not understand cars, politics , houses, etc. I admit to not understanding movie streaming. Recently I failed to delete a default Amazon Prime shipping instruction.
I got notices of all the wonderful things that comes with it like movies. So trial was on so I tried. Guess what. Need plug in, no name, no instruction where to get it. I promptly killed my Prime membership.

I have photos sitting in Photobucket after Yahoo etc went sour. They will not link to other photo forums now and want money. Photos are there never to be found.

I would suggest you make prints and not be too concerned over where negatives are or files are. My parents passed on some family photos a few years ago. They are 70 years old. My granddaughter is doing a family tree project. I made my own color prints of the family when the children were young. Unicolor type B paper.
She went through the albums picking supporting photos which I put on a thumb drive for her, Leica copy stand, Nikon Camera, Norman flashes and some photoshop.

I am teaching my son monochrome printing finally after all the years. He is 48 now.
He will have some prints.

Digital files go bad. Make 2 copies, every 5th year, copy both to new drives. Always double back up your work as you go. Sort by year and event and you can find what you need. You just need to be organized.

And we can make contact sheets with photoshop. Have the files printed and dated.

Summary. Make prints of the best at least and you will have something for the future.
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