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Contax G1 - no lens behaviour
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Contax G1 - no lens behaviour

Hi there!

I just got my hands on a very cheap G1 body, the person who sold it to me told me it would advance film with some strange behaviour.
I thought it could be simply a dirty Ir sensor, so since the price was good decided to take the risk.
I have been tinkering with it, and after some cleaning all seems ok, but since I have got no lenses, I have one doubt and it is important to sort it out before I think of buying lenses - that I know will be expensive.

If you pick up the body, with no lenses attached, and you focus, either AF or manual , should I see the small metallic shaft rotate one way or the other?
I hear a electric sound when I focus, or simply turn the focus wheel, but I see no movement on the shaft that should attach to the lens.

Have I got a problem?

A help from another G1 member would be very helpfull...

My hope is that if the camera sees no lense, it doesnt rotate the shaft...

Kind regards,

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