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Originally Posted by FujiLove View Post
Just checked my G1, and the focus screw does not turn without the lens attached.

As long as you don't over-pay, you should be able to sell on a Contax G lens for what you bought it for if the body doesn't work for some reason. Alternatively, could you borrow a lens, or take the body to a used camera store to check it with a lens?
That's it! that's good to know

I understand without a lens I cannot confirm if all works like it should, but so far I have tested shutter speeds, AF, film transport and all seem to work like they should.
To know a bit more, I need some lenses, but I feel more confident after knowing all this works, on commiting to buy some lenses.

I lust over the 45mm and 28mm... a bit expensive for my income, yet, very very cheap compared to Leica glass... and like fujilove wrote, if I buy them with a reasonable price, I can sell them later for the same price

Thanks for all the help!
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