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You need to see the amount of menus, settings and devices regular broadcast and production technician is able to deal with. Cameras, video, audio mixers, encoders, decoders, receivers, transmitters, routers, modulators and so on. All kind of software to know and now they want these technicians to configure networking devices. Those where you have to do it via command line. And it is lower than IT paid job and it is shifts and long overtime.


In fact, here is no difference between film and digital cameras. Does some FujiNoFilm cameras have ISO, Aperture and Shutter dials?

Even more, digital cameras allows to learn exposure deep and for sure by taking in M mode. Only after getting DSLR and setting it to M mode for first year I was able to learn about exposure. Film and books were no use before. Every frame was counted. Spending roll of film to learn? Forget it. S16 first and then green box.
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