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I'm still primarily a film photographer, mainly working in black and white, and enjoy the process as well as the results. But there's no doubting the quality of digital cameras these days. So, in recent years, I've taken both. My typical travel kit is:

A small Leica M or Barnack camera and a couple of lenses (usually 35 and 50), for b&w photography. In recent years, this camera has been a Leica IIIc, M2, M3, or Bessa R2A. They all worked well. About 90% of the photos I like to shoot are taken with 50 or 35 mm lenses.

A smallish digital camera for color work. I bought in to the m4/3 system some years ago and have stuck with it. I now use an Olympus Pen F, which I think is a wonderful camera. I usually take along the 17/1.8 and 45/1.8 lenses.

I may also take along a small, pocketable film camera, like an Olympus XA or a Rollei 35, as a backup and also for color film, but that's optional. I prefer to keep things simple, light, and not take too much.

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