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Is the camera an "investment" or is it a camera? If it is an investment, stick it in a vault and visit it every month to run through the shutter speeds a few times.
There is nothing you can really put on the camera that will look good and not cause uneven wear or even trap grit and actually increase wear in a specific spot.
If it is a camera, use it. I took both an M4 and an M2 to Iraq in 2004 and the only marks that were made (on the M4) were from me taking it apart after a rocket attack forced me to fall on my camera and strip the winder. I repaired it but left tool marks. That said, use it like it is meant to be used, not like some cherished heirloom of fragile glass. If you're careful with the camera it will weather heavy use much better than kid gloves.
Phil Forrest
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