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I did not know that it was possible to buy pre cut tape for this purpose. I have in the past used a quite robust / rigid clear film with stickum on the back that was designed for use with computer tablet screens and readily / cheaply available on the internet. If memory serves me correct each pack had 3 sheets in the pack and each individual sheet sufficed for perhaps 3 or 4 camera protectors. Being comparatively thick (as far as such films go) it took quite a bit of beating. My present M8 has a half case so I do not need to bother too much but I have a separate base plate with built in hand grip that I use now and then and it still has its factory protective film in place, which I leave on as it is of course, not used with a half case.

To facilitate the making, I first made a cardboard template which was reusable and made the cutting out process for new pieces of film quite easy when this became necessary. I accepted that the film eventually gets grubby and the edge eventually peels away a bit then that is kind of the purpose - to take the knocks in place of the the camera.

I have never been one to knock my cameras about. People who take pride in how disreputable their Leica M looks are totally alien to me - cameras always get scars of some sort of course, but I cannot comprehend those who take any pleasure in those scars - always seems a bit like telling a solider "never mind wearing your body armour - you will probably get shot or blown up anyway). And as for those people who take emery paper to the edges of their camera just for the street cred of owning a camera that is brassed......................well its their equipment I suppose, but...........

if you want to protect your camera my advice is go for it. The camera will most likely get some scratches anyway but why invite them.
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