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Developing of film maybe rated as iso 800
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Developing of film maybe rated as iso 800

Hi all,

I dis something stupid (though, in my defekte, i did NOT know it was stupid at the time) I shot a 2 rolls of hp5 on a vacation 6 months ago. One rated at 400 and one I am almost sure that I rated at 800. My problem now is that the marker I used to indicate which was likely rated higher apparently did not stick to the film case

Now, while I have been postponing devolving these two films, I might as well get around to it; but first I would like to know what you would do in my situation, or alternatively how you think I would get the best result when i develop the two films? Should I develop both as iso 400 or 800? I am thinking the best way would probably be to develop one at the time, and see if that has been developed correctly, and then develop the other depending on the results of that.

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