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My Rolex would cost me 3000 to replace and it loses a minute a day. It requires servicing each year at a cost of 250 and will be away for a month. My 50 Seiko that I use to tell the time is totally accurate, needs no servicing and a battery every 3 years. Once you get out of the real cheap zone price is not about quality it is about perceived status, self image and the marketeers desire to get you to stump up for features that you need (like grips) but could have been engineered in for the same price as the base model.

Contemporary road ferraris are not good at track work, they are too heavy and too large, and will be beaten on most days by specialist track cars costing a fifth. They are simply status symbols, nothing more or less, and mostly sit in garages for their life as too many miles kills their value. If their owners feel good about them, great.

The relevance of either to cameras is moot anyway - it's the image that counts. I make no pretence of being a serious photographer and I love shooting my Leicas and other old cameras, but my pro friends will produce better images with their phones than I do with a Leica. Which sucks, but there we are.

Enjoy what you want to use.
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