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The Beat Goes On
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I donít have a car anymore,
I quit driving because I fear
Dying much more
Whatís this have to do with
The camera I shoot with
I donít know but Iíll play along
Just because of the watch
I wear is not so expensive
So, whatís the size of my sensor
Is it related to the price of my
Lens or the grip on my Bessa
Or my Panasonic or my Sony
Or should they be put in the dumpster?
ĎCause theyíre not so expensive
Afraid to contemplate
the direction this is going
Price, performance, results
Is getting to be a little bit
Never understood the desire to talk
About it
I think Iíll just grab my camera
And go out and use it


Some gotta win, some gotta lose
Good time charlie's got the blues

-- Danny O'Keefe
Live and learn.
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