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Originally Posted by ajtruhan View Post
Thanks. To explain: using D76 and Tri-X it takes 9:45 to develop, 30 seconds of stop, and 10 minutes of fix, 20 minutes wash, 30 seconds to photoflo. Thatís about 40 minutes. I have to adjust the temp to 68f from my cold basement.

Using unicolor powder kit it takes 3.5 minutes 6.5 to blix, 30 seconds to stabilize, 3 minutes to wash and 30 seconds to photoflo. Thatís less than 15 minutes. I also have to achieve 102f but it doesnít appear to be as much a hurdle as itís reputation.

I can only ship chemicals to my house so that limits me to powder. Iím happily committed to d76 and triX because that eliminates those variables and allows me to concentrate on experimenting in other ways.

I cannot find 120 film in bulk.
This is a hobby of mine, Iím not pro.
Iím scanning the film.

any further questions are welcome.

There is no 120 film in bulk, would be very hard to load.
I see nothing wrong with your preference, I prefer the look of black and white film in black and white.

If you wanted to, your black and white process could be streamlined a little and would probably end up similar to C-41 if not shorter considering the set up, temperature adjust and clean up times. Most of all, why do you wash black and white longer than C41? Isn't the same thing happening?
Why can only powder be shipped to you? Shipping of liquids is no problem where I live.
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