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Originally Posted by Ko.Fe. View Post
Dog eat dog. Somewhere they have giant seagull factory which makes all of these lenses. More resellers of the same, less price it is going to be.
Waiting for same lenses with less price and Partisans name on it.

It is not 1.4. And it is way to phenomenal on exterior. I’d rather get 35 1.4 II for same money. Made like RF lens must be made.
Agreed, 1.7 is not the same thing as 1.4, also the odd knurled chrome body is off putting to me. The TTartisans lens looks like it performs very well and it has the classic RF ergonomics. I already have a nice 35 for my M but this would be great for the extra stop without the tradeoff in quality and with a manageable size (unlike the 7artisans 28mm).
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