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Swamped by excellence this week.

The losing horse, all my horseracing experiences in one, from Carlsen Highway

Beautiful colour tones and excellent composition from Ratm22

One of Robert Blu's excellent train ride series

It's Manbearpignewfie from Greg Maslak,

Dogs featuring a lot, this time from LynnB

Rangefinder35's exquisite Second Beach

RHL-Oregon's portrait of a dog mastermind guiding the rapid puzzling of a Jigsaw

j.scooter's ethereal portrait

De-gassing progress:

Leica M2, Nikon D700, Bronica RF645, Leica CL, Summicron 40mm, Rolleicord Va, Hasselblad 500 CM Zeiss Planar, Leica 50mm Summicron V3, Hasselblad PME51 metered prism, Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 534/16 & Ensign 820 Special - all gone.
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