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This thread is taking off to a nice start ;-) Keep them coming !!!

Mladen - it's no specific joke, just making fun ;-) Works always (almost).

Here is another subject - You will find, that in a city as Shanghai, there are many very fortunate children, raised with iPhones, designer clothing, jewelry, taken out in Lamborghini, Porsche and alike to the finest restaurants for dinner and brought to private schools, to ensure maximum safety for the child's bright future.

There always is the other side, as seen in one of the many demolition sites around Shanghai - here a site, that is currently in demolition status.
Children, likely of workers, who came to Shanghai for labor are playing around the place, given to their parents for living during their time of work, dissecting old buildings, recycling bricks and evening the land for the next construction of high risers (you can see the Shanghai Financial Center, the biggest tower currently in Shanghai, in the background):

group of children by, on Flickr
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